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Ross Hall

"As a breeder for more than 20 years, I am very happy with Pro Pac. All of my puppies are raised on it and the results I am getting prove to me it is one of the best dog foods on the market".
Ross Hall, Jura Kennels, Timaru

"I'm really pleased with this product. I get a lot of enquiries (via my dog training business) on what I feel is best for feeding their dog. I can only tell them what I feed and why."

- Rachel Butler, of Take the Lead Dog Training, Auckland

Dear Dog Owner,

If you want your furry friend to really thrive and not just survive, then you’re about to discover one of the best kept secrets in the dog food and nutrition industry.

You see, with so many dog foods on the market how can you determine what’s best for YOUR dog? You may think that you need a PhD in nutrition to answer that question but the answer is surprisingly simple.

What’s more, with the confusion pushed by big corporate companies with billion-dollar advertising budgets, it’s easy to get caught up in the propaganda and keep feeding your dog popular supermarket brand foods.

Now I’m sure you’ll agree that your dog cannot read ingredient labels and would eat whatever smells and tastes good - even if the results are sicknesses such as skin disorders, hot spots, clogged anal glands, dry flaky skin, nasal allergies and even cancer! So your pet depends upon you to make the right choices which determine whether they would live long healthy lives or short sickly ones.


With literally hundreds of brands to choose from, most dog owners simply use the brand they were told to use by their breeders or vets. This is quite natural since, unless you are a pet nutritional expert, you’ll depend on your vet to know what’s best for your dog. But you may be SHOCKED to know that most vets simply suggest the brands which the big companies give them incentives to promote.


It’s not very different from doctors who prescribe drugs pushed by the huge pharmaceutical companies rather than a “no-name” brand.

Keep in mind also that most vets are trained to cure sicknesses and not to necessarily prevent them. So your vet only finds out your pet has a problem AFTER it shows up, rather than educating you on how to prevent this sickness in the first place. I mean, have you ever attended a pet nutrition class put on by your vet?

"It has taken me 20 years as veterinary doctor to realize that 90% of health problems in dogs are due to their food" (Dr Michael W. Fox)

So if you cannot trust your vet, breeder and the advertising messages of the big pet food companies - who’s left? You! That’s right. You can make some common-sense decisions that will ensure your dog is around for a long time to enjoy your companionship and love.

"Received and happy to report that my puppy loves it, I have only been able to feed her meat up until now and I was worried she would miss out on vitamins/ minerals etc turned her nose up at other dry foods, thanks for a quality product."

- Jane M, Waitakere

"The food arrived a few days after we ordered it and now we know where the couriers are putting the bag its a very convenient way of getting food for our hound.
By the way our greyhound loves it! When we first got him, GAP (greyhounds as pets) recommended nutience as the food for greyhounds but he always had problems with gas and loose stools. He is much better now and the bag last longer too. "

- Arjan K, Franklin

"On my doorstep next day and i am rural !!
My dogs are loving your food ! i have tried may of the other kibble low in grains ect but never had approval from the babies - they love this kibble and i can see a difference already in my older dog in her energy levels only a week into it !!!! Hey and Value for money !!! So thank you making this available Kindest Regards Sue"

- Sue L, Wanganui

"I have to tell you how pleased I am with Pro Pac.
I started feeding the puppy food to my nursing mother dog on Tuesday and she ate it – not only that, I have watched her eat it in preference to her usual food!! yeah.
This dog is very particular about her food but she has put her paw of approval on Pro Pac.
Just so you know – Eko (Mother Dog) has developed the softest shiniest coat since she started this food. Normally when my girls have pups their coat goes rather dry – but not this time."

- Bev Knight, Silktrader Kennels, Palmerston North

Let’s get started …

Here are the bottom-line basics you should look for in any dry dog food. The main ingredients should be:

  • Meat such as chicken, turkey or lamb since dogs are carnivores. But watch out if the type of meat is not specified because in this way you could be feeding your dog road kill. This means that you must learn how to read the ingredients labels.

  • A good and highly digestible carbohydrate such as corn or rice to provide energy.

  • A named source of animal fat such as chicken fat. Try Avoid foods which contain beef tallow, animal fat or generic poultry fat. Note: The ingredients listed after the first” fat” would be in very small amounts and less consequential except vitamins on the positive side and artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives, sugar (which can create an addiction to the food and is harmful anyway) and chemicals (such as BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin and propylene glycol) on the negative side.

Now this leaves you with lots of great choices, which may only be narrowed by your dog’s taste buds. Of course you can't rely on taste alone, because not everything that tastes good is good for health. Many dog foods contain added flavourings to make them appealing to dogs.

So with all the other premium dry dog foods fitting these criteria how can you make a food choice your dogs would love and thrive on? Well, it comes down to a matter of economics.

How Can A Premium High Quality Dog Food Cost Less?

Most people don’t have the kind of budgets to feed their dogs raw meat every day, nor have the time to provide a home-cooked meal. With these you also can't be sure you are giving your pet all of the minerals and other essential nutrients for a complete diet. Hence the convenience of dry foods. But the popular supermarket brands you see advertised on TV, and promoted by many vets and breeders, are often unnecessarily expensive.

Just think about it: Any product you see advertised on TV has to make a profit after the expensive television spots are paid for. So, you the consumer end up paying for the company’s marketing through higher prices. No wonder these big pet food manufacturers end up skimping on product quality in order to squeeze every drop of profit from their products.

But, since 1985, a privately owned pet food company called Midwestern Pet foods set out to make a difference in this industry. Instead of skimping on nutritional value they decided to place their money into a quality pet food rather than in a multimillion-dollar marketing campaign.

In this way they could provide a super premium quality dog food at a reduced price. This ingenious approach has worked like magic and their flag ship product, Pro Pac, is amongst the most successful dog foods in the world. We're talking about an amazing sales growth rate of 22% per year over the last 15 years!

ZERO Contaminated Food Recall In Entire Company History!

What’s even more incredible is that Pro Pac is virtually unique amongst pet food brands since it has never had a food recall due to contaminated ingredients in its entire 25 year history! This is an amazing feat which shows its absolute commitment to quality. You don’t have to look too far to see how many recalls the big names have had even within the past year alone.

So if you are looking for a more economical and healthy way to feed your dog here are some further REASONS WHY you’ll want to try Pro Pac:

  • Your dog is guaranteed to love Pro Pac. You’ll discover that because of the high concentration of chicken or lamb meal and chicken fat (without all those fillers) even the fussiest dogs can’t wait for their next feeding time. But if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the results, then you get a no-questions asked refund.

  • It contains no GMO ingredients or products known to cause allergic reactions such as beef, wheat, soy or artificial preservatives and colourings. All ingredients are sourced from the USA so they meet inspection standards unlike those from Asian countries which have been responsible for numerous food recalls.

  • Many owners are surprised by the soft glossy coat and healthy skin of their dogs within days of switching to Pro Pac. You can forget about eczema, itching and scratching often caused by poor nutrition.

  • Pro Pac has been shown to eliminate the bad ‘doggy’ smell from skin and bad breath and general gas problems. There is also less cleaning up to do since stools are smaller and firmer.

  • Easier on your budget. You’ll pay less than for comparable super-premium brands because of the higher nutritional value, and because Pro Pac has no filler ingredients. Also a healthier dog means fewer visits to the vet, keeping more money in your pocket.

Even older dogs become more energetic, with healthier joints and less arthritic pain and joint stiffness. You can give your dog a new lease on life that your vet and friends are sure to notice.

Recommended by professionals worldwide. Pro Pac is available in 76 countries and growing at an alarming rate as more pet owners discover this super-premium dog food. You’ll want to share the results you get with your friends and other dog lovers in your life.

Can All These Dog Owners Be Wrong?

But you don’t have to take our words for it. Just listen to what dog lovers across New Zealand have been saying about Pro Pac:

Constant grooming? No, just Pro Pac....

Here are Bella and Max, owned by Jo Davidson of Auckland

Bella and Max

Jo feeds her dogs Pro Pac Sensitive and had an interesting experience at agility class recently.....

"Well, it happened again. I took Bella to her first advanced agility last night - and Max started his beginner agility. The trainer saw Bella for the first time at this class and commented "wow, isn't she gorgeous, she's in fabulous condition, you must groom her constantly to look like that - what on earth do you feed her?" I had to confess that she is groomed only once a week (okay, sometimes it's every 10 days!) and went on to rave about Propac.

I must tell you too - I have had soooooh many comments from people, whenever I walk the dogs, about how gorgeous they look and their coats are fantastic!"

Australian Cattle Dogs Thriving on Pro Pac

Delwynne Pouwels of Seaberwyn Kennels, Te Aroha is getting wonderful results with Pro Pac. Her adult dogs are fed Pro Pac Adult Chunk and the puppies are reared on Pro Pac Performance Puppy. Says Delwynne: I have been using ProPac for a few months, and have found it to be top quality. I used to rear my litters on Hills, but with Pro Pac I'm seeing much better results, and at a fraction of the price...... and the dogs LOVE it!"

Here they are devouring their Pro Pac
Here they are devouring their Pro Pac
The latest litter that has been reared on Pro Pac Performance Puppy
The latest litter that has been reared on Pro Pac Performance Puppy

"We love the product – our dogs' coats are looking great which is already noticeable!"
- Sonja Bright, Zenfro Alaskan Malamutes, Sanson,

We are really happy with how the food is going, our dog loves it, we are glad we switched to you.

- V Spackman, Feilding

"...Normally we have to change his food each week..."

My dog is a cross breed lab with some other smaller breed and 7 years old (going on 7 months old!)
He is very intelligent (I know all owners say that) and he is very fussy with what he eats.
Normally we have to change his food each week or he would get bored so we bought Orijen but this made his stools very odd which I think was due to too much protein.
Now with his order from you guys he simply sucks up the food and he is eager to eat it each day, his coat is shiny, his stools are smaller and firmer thn Orijen and he is very happy.

- Phil (and Bobby!)

"...the first dog food they have loved..."

Hi Guys,
Just to let you know this is our 2nd order of the ProPac Senior food, the dogs absolutely love it. Their coats are shinier then before and the male dogs dry flaky skin has cleared up completely. We failed to read the instructions on ammounts so have been overfeeding, but have started to rectify this. This is the first dog food they have loved (usually only treats like chicken excite them!). This really is a wonderful product. They are both 8 year old staffys.

- Kelly & Michael, Palmerston North

"...hoovering up the bikkies..."

"Our greyhound Jimmy is hoovering up the bikkies. This is a departure from all other brands that we've tried where he's been very much take it or leave it. His tummy seems much better on these as well. Let's just say we don't spend as much time scraping the footpath as we used to! "

- Brigid Borlase, Wellington

"...coat is gleaming..."

"dutchlass, thanks for the Propac recommendation. My dog loves it (but I think he is a foodie anyway) and is doing very well on it. I have his litter sister staying at the moment who is on a different food and although condition wise to touch them they are the same, his coat is gleaming compared to hers so I am going to let her owners know about Propac when they arrive to pick her up. Also must say I have been impressed with their customer service."

-TradeMe message board, Jan 6 2012

"...lasted more than 3 times longer than Royal Canin..."

"Just wanted to let you know that we are really happy with the food, and as such are making another order!
Ted our wheaten terrier was quite a picky eater, but is now finishing his meals in one sitting, and true to your word, the food is working out to be a lot more economical than what we were previously feeding.
We have just had our first baby, and with the change of losing one income wanted to find a cheaper solution to feeding Ted, without compromising his health and well being. Pro Pac has lasted more than 3 times longer than the Royal Canin which we were feeding him.
Thanks very much for your fantastic service also.
You now have another permanent customer, and I am also telling friends about your product."

- J Struthers, Mosgiel

" is much improved..."

"Thanks for the research regarding Pro Pac's nutritional value. We've noticed that the food does go down very well with our lab, Mac and previously Maggie, the senior lab. Mac used to have the equivalent of irritable bowel sydrome, as labs often do have sensitive tummys, but since Pro Pac he has been much happier and instead of runny stool, his by-product is much improved.

We're very happy to have found Pro Pac and our lab is happier still!"

-PJ Lynn, Auckland problem gone in less than a week...

"As for my little dog with the skin problems - it took a bit less than a week after switching her to your mutton and rice biscuits...for her skin to stop itching! She's fine now, her skin problem is gone, her coat is shiney, she looks and obviously feels fantastic. So those bikkies are an excellent option for people with allergy prone dogs....she's got a couple of weeks worth left, then I'll be ordering more, plus I want to try my fussy cats on ProPac too!"

- M Amon, Thames

"My woof-dog LOVES propac. Ma says she looks forward to it each day, her stools are better (no blood which she had before), her coat is shinier. All good ay! Just put the order through on Petfood direct. Thank you! "

-R Taylor, Auckland

"The food arrived a couple of days after purchase thank you and we are very happy with it. We have a 10 month old Maremma sheepdog and he is thriving on it. It is a fantastic, top quality product that you sell."

-J Saunders, Auckland

"...never seen one dog turn their noses up..."

"My 3 little girls loved these biscuits as well as they are looking so good and like I had said in a previous email that my biggest Bichon who was over 9kg is now down to 8kg and looks soooo much better for it.
I will keep on buying these and I do give my clients dogs a sample of what I get to see if their dogs would like them and I have never seen one dog turn their noses up at your brand of biscuits."

-Irene and my 3 furkids :-), Rangiora

"...loves the Pro Pac..."

"Recieved the food no problems at all, waiting on the door step when I got home.
Just to let you know my dog Daisy 15yr old Springer Spaniel who has not been very well as of late, due to arthritus and a sensitive stomach (and old age) loves the Pro Pac. I was having to mix in vege soup to her Eukanuba to get her to eat, not so with the Pro Pac.

-L Read, Whangarei

...eating Pro Pac and leaving Hills...

"The boys are just loving it, and truth be told, I mixed their last few pellets of Hills into the container. Much to my amusement, they now take little mouthfulls of food out of their bowls, eat all of the Propac and leave the Hills pellets on the floor, not to be touched again....aren't they funny creatures?"

-S Nel, Wellington

"...she actually eats it straight away..."

"First I would like to say what fast service, order in day 1 & I received it the next day....WOW!!
2nd..Holly loves it, I was feeding her an expensive supermarket brand which she did not really like at all...and grazed her when I put her dinner down, she actually eats it straight away...and this is within 3 days of getting it :-)

-R Rice, Avondale fussy, now won't eat anything else...

"Leelah absolutely loved the sample. She has been so fussy and I had been very concerned about the amount she has been eating. As soon as I received the sample from you, I put a small amount into her bowl, she sniffed it and then walked away. I thought "Oh well was worth a try", but then within seconds she was back and ate the whole lot, looking for more!. Hence I ordered a full bag yesterday and am awaiting it's arrival. Since having that sample she refuses to eat any biscuits. So, thanks heaps "

-D. Waszczak, Christchurch

...healthier and more economical...

"Both our 15 yo lab, Maggie, and 5 yo lab Mac love the Pro Pac superpremium dog food which they have been transitioning from Eukanuba Lab food this past month. Four paws up for providing this wonderful food which is not only healthier for our labs, but more economical too! "

-PJ Lynn, West Harbour, Auckland

...finally putting on weight...

"Our dog still loves the food and he's actually putting on lots of weight! Something we've struggled with for 4 years!"

-K Smith, Whangarei

"We have purchased a bag of Pro Pac and working it through and into our present ekunabua food, Both Dogs really enjoy the new food and we will swap completely once we have worked through stock pet food we have."

-J Lincoln, Hamilton

"My dog loves the food, he had a habit of turning his nose up at most other brands but no worries with ProPac, he can't get enough and everyone comments on how great he looks, just got to get him to come back when he's called now!!!!"

-R Cooper, Taupo

"...very fussy eater but seems to gobble Pro Pac up..."

"Maddie loves her Pro Pac biscuits, she is generally a very fussy eater but seems to gobble Pro Pac up. Being a fussy eater it can be hard training Maddie with food as a reward, so i have been using the sample bag i received for treats when we are doing show and agility training, she is doing heaps better! Before i heard of Pro Pac i was/am feeding her Pro Plan, we have about 10kg to finish but once that is gone I will be moving on to Pro Pac for sure! as well as Maddie loving it, its saving me money and Im feeding her something that actually is good for her! "

-K Mitchell, Nelson

"...amazing product..."

"The sample that you sent got gobbled up in less that a minute, and they were waiting for more. They loved it! I have just received the 15kg bag of performance puppy late last week and Whitby and Brooke are in the process of changing their diet. I have used Pro Pac for 2 goldens, 2 dalmatians, one shih tzu, one maltese and two terriers since 2003 when I was in Malaysia. Their current owners are still using the same now. Thank you for bringing Pro Pac into New Zealand, it is an amazing product that is healthy for the dogs and a smell that I have never seen a dog reject. A great product with competitive price, guess you have me as a loyal supporter."

-C Choo, Christchurch

"...breath has improved a 100 fold..."

"My 12yo Lab is doing very very well on the Lamb Meal and Rice feed (pink bag) that I just reordered - her old lady bad breath has improved 100 fold so she no longer clears rooms when she puffs.... her rear end is also producing less offensive odors as well. Definately a bonus."

-K Blyth, Northland

"...worlds fussiest Papillion...went at them like there was no tomorrow..."

"I don't know if this is the right address to write to with this but i just wanted to say OMG...i got my first bag of this food this morning. I have the worlds fussiest Papillion, i have had him to the vet numerous times due to starvation because he literally WILL NOT eat. I have been tearing my hair out and my kitchen is loaded with different types of food, biscuits and meats to try to tempt him to eat but he will not touch them, or he eats for a few days and then stops. he NEVER eats off a plate, just hates them. I put these bikkies down on a plate and he and my Chihuahua went at them like there was no tomorrow...thank you! I have never seen him eat biscuits like that! I hope this trend with him continues and he keeps enjoying these."

-M Dromgool, Timaru

"My pup continues to enjoy the puppy food so I will be purchasing more when we are further through the bag. It is great to no longer find myself with two thirds of a bag of dog food she doesn't want to eat.."

-M O'Neill, Invercargill

"...looking great and has much more energy..."

"My dog has had a long standing problem digesting his food and he has been on a prescription diet for over a year now, after checking the ingredients on you sample pack I thought I'd give it a try. I am extremely pleased to say my dog loves it! (his previous food was always a trial to get him to eat) He is actually waiting for dinnertime to arrive now, and he is looking great and has much more energy.
I can't thank you enough for helping improve the quality of my pooch's life.

-K Bunt, Wellington

"...skoffed the whole lot..."

"Our dog was a little fussy to begin with, but that was cause he was full already, in the morning he skoffed the whole lot.
As soon an we run out of our eukenuba we will be buying a big bag of your pro pac food.

-L & G Simmons, Auckland

"My 8 month old Rottweiler puppy will now eat nothing else."

-T Bell,Warkworth

"She's really wolfing it down, definitely prefers to her previous Eukanuba, but we're not far into the bag. Will happily reorder in a few weeks."

-J Hastings, Pukekohe

"Propac is brilliant - Harry (Boxer) and quite lean has bulked up a treat since being on this product. Its great to be able to use a good quality product that you are not paying through the nose for - really pleased vet recommended it.

I certainly recommend it to all my doggy pals.
Good stuff

-A Thompson, Auckland

"I received a sample of your Small Breed Adult dog food and my dog is finally deciding food is worth eating YIPPPEEEE!!!!"

-S Lake, Manukau

"...husband & I were astounded..."

"Gismo really likes the food, both my husband & I were astounded. As I said before she eats Eukanuba but a small bag lasts months as she prefers what is on the table for her human counterparts. She would actually pull her nose up at "her food" if that was all there was for her (If we had eaten out). My husband offered her your sample and she literally licked the bowl!

So, I guess there is no more use in me trying to convince you she liked it, but, you knew she would, didn't you? Thank you for introducing all of us here in this house to this food. We will definately be looking into getting some from you as soon as the other is finished or I find a recipient for it so we can buy yours."

-D Botha, Papakura

"Ted absolutely loved the Pro Pac, he is usually a very fussy pup but cleaned up every scrap. I definately want to feed him this full time."

-D Metcalfe, Amberley

"They loved it! I am now giving them the biscuits for their daytime feeds and only using wet food in the morning as they are still so young (7weeks today). I am thrilled with the price. I've heard about your cat line as well and am spreading the word."

-J Barnes, Stanmore Bay

"Our dogs name is Connor. He's quite fussy with his food. He loves your food."

-A Aston, Manly

"Good news - Yes Flint loves it! I will buy some soon."

-P Owen, Orewa

Pro Pac is not like other dog food companies and it’s not easy to convince pet owners such an economical brand is really premium top quality. You expect to pay top dollars for premium brands and many people think that since it is often true that "you get what you pay for", then Pro Pac can’t be a premium quality dog food.

And we understand your natural skepticism because there are so many companies who are shouting at you that they are the best. That’s why we want you (your dog really) to prove for yourself that Pro Pac can stand behind its claims.

Here's a quality comparison of Pro Pac against other popular brands:

Brand Comparison
Named Meat Meal
Named Meat
Grain based
Named Meat By-products
Generic Meat meal/by-products
Animal Fat
Wheat/ soy
Artificial Flavour /colour
Price per kilo Price per kcal (Energy)
Pro Pac
Royal Canin
Pro Plan
Purina One
Hills Science Diet
Purina Dog Chow

Isn’t It Time for you to try Pro Pac?
Your Dog Would love You for it!

The future health of your dog is in your hands. So many of our customers have told us how they wished they had been using Pro Pac before, now they see the great changes in their dog’s health and wellbeing.

The number of breeders and dog owners who are switching to Pro Pac is growing each day. You don’t want to be left behind. We have completely taken any risk for you trying Pro Pac by offering you a 100% money-back, no-questions-asked guarantee. If you find the many positive experiences of other dog owners here proof enough, then we invite you to place an order right away!

"Happy to report my Airedale's love Pro Pac and have now ordered a 15kg bag of large dog puppy food and will be ordering a bag of adult next week when I have finished off my last bag of Eukanuba."
- Lynne Hadley, Kellydale Kennels, Otorohanga

Bulldog Transformed in Just Ten Days.... Breeder Ecstatic....

One of the country's leading British bulldog breeders recently acquired a dog that had had trouble keeping weight and condition, despite being fed a quality brand of food. Blossom was immediately put on a diet of Pro Pac Performance Puppy and Adult Mini Chunk and fed four times a day.

BlossomLittle Blossom when she arrived...... and the result after just ten days....

Breeder comments: "I am absolutely amazed at the results. I would not have believed it. The physical and mental results in her are nothing short of wonderful. There is, in my opinion, no better food for bulldogs on the market."

NOTE: Delivery is FREE anywhere in New Zealand for orders totalling $55 or more. There is a $3 charge added to all rural delivery orders.

Here’s How To Order:

To purchase Pro Pac, click the Buy Now button. Then enter the quantity and click "add to cart" by the selected formula. When you are ready to pay for your order proceed to checkout and follow the instructions.

Order Now

We accept payment by credit card or bank deposit. To pay by bank deposit select that option when you complete your order. You will be emailed the bank account details. The order will be dispatched as soon as payment is received in our account.

To order by telephone call us Toll Free on 0800 DOG FOOD (0800 364 366)

When you make your first order you’ll also receive FREE Membership of our Loyalty Programme. As a Loyalty Programme member after 10 bags your next order of the same size bag is FREE! This reduces the overall cost of Pro Pac still further.

Remember Pro Pac is FULLY GUARANTEED, meaning when you place your order today, if your dog does not like this super-premium food or if for ANY reason you’re not completely delighted, simply email us and we will refund your money in full.

So what do you have to lose?

Wishing you and your dog a long and healthy life together,

Liam & Mal

Buy Now

How to buy

Enter the quantity and click "add to cart". When you are ready to pay for your order proceed to checkout. Payment is made by credit card on a secure server alternatively you may pay by "bank deposit" or by phone on 0800 DOG FOOD (364 366).

For privacy, returns and security policies please read our policies page.

For trade enquiries or bulk orders please contact us.

Customer Comments

Hi there, they loved it! I am now giving them the biscuits for their daytime feeds and only using wet food in the morning as they are still so young (7weeks today). I am thrilled with the price. I've heard about your cat line as well and am spreading the word.
Thanks for the samples, very welcome!
thanks again,

Jo, Stanmore Bay

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