Getting a Fussy Dog to Eat

Monday Feb 24 2014

doglostappetiteDoes your dog appear fussy with its food? Does it turn its nose up at some foods and refuse to eat them? Are you sick of wasting money on bags of food that your dog won't eat?
The truth is that it's not really about the food. Dogs are like children - they will be fussy if you let them. But also like children, when it comes to feeding, the 'parent' should be more concerned about what the long term effects are going to be from what they eat. There aren't that many intelligent parents who would be happy to feed their children a solid diet of soft drinks and potato chips and expect them to stay healthy. If you are a parent, you're probably going to insist they eat nutritious food, even if they don't want to.

The same is true for dogs. Feed them low-quality food and they will most likely develop health problems. Yes it's amazing how many dog owners use whether the dog ''likes it' as the reason for using the food that they do.Start thinking of your dog as a child. It needs to eat what it is good for it, and if it turns its nose up at it, well there's nothing until the next meal time. A dog will soon get the message that it is expected to eat what it is given. The reality is that dogs are not naturally fussy and we have yet to hear of a dog that died of starvation because it wouldn't eat the food it was given. If the food you are feeding is all that is available, the dog will soon get the message! It may be a battle of wills between you and your dog, but you want to make sure it is a battle that you win.
All this presupposes you are using a quality food to start with. A quality food is one that has all of the necessary ingredients to keep the dog healthy and happy, both short and long term. Just as with human food, however, there are many junk foods out there, and you're not going to know from the claims made on the packaging whether or not the food is of good quality. You need to look at the ingredients - and know what they mean.

Pro Pac and Earthborn Holistic contain none of the 'junk' ingredients contained in the majority of pet foods. It's why so many of our customers report a significant improvement in their dog's health when they start feeding them these foods.If your dog is fussy with food there are only two things to do:
Firstly, make sure you are feeding a food that is going to improve rather than harm their health, and
Secondly, refuse to give in to its fussy behaviour. (If you would like some tips on how to do this listen to our special audio report, "How to Deal with a Fussy Dog" which you can listen to here .)

Dogs are not naturally fussy. And if you're really concerned for their health and wellbeing, you'll make their diet be based on what is good for them, not what they tell you they like. They're going to thank you for it in a happier, healthier, pain-free life that both you and they will enjoy.

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Hi there, they loved it! I am now giving them the biscuits for their daytime feeds and only using wet food in the morning as they are still so young (7weeks today). I am thrilled with the price. I've heard about your cat line as well and am spreading the word.
Thanks for the samples, very welcome!
thanks again,

Jo, Stanmore Bay

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