How to Stop Your Dog Itching and Scratching

Sunday Nov 18 2012

One of the most common problems that dogs suffer from is excessive scratching and biting. Many dogs seem to do this almost constantly. It is not only obviously stressful to the dog, it can be very irritating to the dog owner. It can be annoying to see your dog scratching itself all day!
Unfortunately, it is such a widespread problem that many dog owners have come to see a scratching dog as acceptable, and perhaps even almost normal. However, it is neither natural or normal for a dog to scratch more than just occasionally. Think of yourself: if you were constantly scratching your own skin you would think there was something wrong. It is the same with a dog.

A dog that scratches itself on a regular basis is showing clear signs of a skin irritation. Other ways a skin problem can be expressed are if it licks or bites its paws or rubs itself against surfaces such as a piece of furniture or even the ground. All of these are signs of great discomfort for the dog as it attempts to get rid of the irritation. Of course, the problem is that by scratching, biting, chewing or rubbing it will probably only make the situation worse. That is why it is so important to find the cause of the problem and eliminate it.So what is it that actually causes these skin irritations in the first place? When confronted with the problem, the first thing that most dog owners think of is fleas. It is true that fleas can cause this, but it is actually not one of the major causes by any means. However, it is simple to eliminate fleas as the cause. Simply check the dog's coat and skin carefully with a flea comb (available from most pet shops). If you find any evidence of fleas, including flea excrement, then there are many solutions readily available from a vet or pet store that should eradicate the fleas
However, in most instances of skin problems in dogs, you won't find that fleas are the cause at all. The major cause is going to be some sort of allergy. There are many things that a dog can have an allergic reaction to. It is obviously very important to identify what the specific problem is for your dog and eliminate it from its life.

It's important to realize that because allergies are the main cause of skin problems, simply applying a cream or shampoo is not going to solve the problem. It may alleviate the symptoms for a short while, or even give the dog some temporary relief, but it is not going to eliminate the cause of the issue. It will also cost you unnecessary time and money in vet visits and creams, lotions or shampoos. It's far better to isolate the true cause of the problem. Once identified and eliminated the symptoms will disappear of their own accord.Some of the most common sources of skin allergies in dogs are:
  1. Their environment. Is there something that your dog comes in contact with on a regular basis that does not agree with them? It could be something artificial that you have around your home such as air freshener, furniture polish or a household cleaning product. Alternatively, it could be something natural such as a grass or plant or something in the air. If the problem occurs only at a particular time of year (such as spring), it could indicate a pollen or dust allergy, as these are more prevalent at certain times of the year.
  2. Their food. There are a huge range of dog foods available on the market these days. Many of these contain ingredients that can cause problems for some dogs. Dogs have a different digestive system to humans and they react to different types of food in different ways. This is why it is very important to be aware of what you are feeding your dog and the affects it may be having.
By a simple process of elimination it should be possible to identify what is really creating the skin irritations that are causing your dog to scratch and bite itself. It may take some time, but your dog will thank you for it.

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