All-Natural Food For Dogs - Because Your Pet Deserves to Live Naturally

Your pet deserves a healthy diet, one that nature intended. It is the only way for your pet to live a long and healthy life.

At PetFood Direct we offer you two ranges of dry dog food with formulas for dogs of all ages and types. And because we are the importers and sell direct to you (with free delivery to your door*) you pay less. It's a formula which has earned us thousands of enthusiastic customers and healthy, happy pets nationwide.

Pro Pac Ultimates

For over 30 years, Pro Pac Superpremium has been a market leader in the highest quality of petfood. Through meticulous research the manufacturers have taken natural pet nutrition to another level.

Each PRO PAC® Ultimates® dry dog food recipe has been scientifically and nutritionally developed by an independent contractor. He began his professional career circa 1981 as a Food Scientist PhD. Gained four more honours throughout his profession…
Professional Animal Scientist (PAS)
Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Academy of Neurology (DACAN)
Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS)
Certified Food Scientist (CFS)
Food Scientist PhD PAS DACAN CNS CFS

What the recipes have in common is;
1st Ingredient Always Meat. The finest quality protein sources are chosen. 100% clean, minced, nutritious, pure and safe; chicken, lamb and whitefish meats. Rendered to reduce moisture, cooled and separately grounded into their own concentrated protein packed powdered meal.
The best quality fats sources are used (stabilised and preserved with mixed tocopherols). Chicken fat for chicken formulas & canola oil for lamb and whitefish.
All carbohydrates have been selected for their nutritional benefits and specific important functions they perform.
Vitamins and minerals are added to ensure balance is achieved and to support many of the chemical reactions in your dog’s body.
Their composition includes a wholesome blend of superfoods being fruits, plants and vegetables for digestive health.


There is no artificial;
Colours as the colour of kibbles varies from the ingredients.
Flavours just the ingredients true native tastes aka their natural flavours.
Preservatives as fats and oils are stabilised and preserved through powerful antioxidants from nutrients packed in mixed tocopherols.


There is no:Beef, By-products,Corn,Dairy,Glutenous Grains, GMO orSoy.

You can rest assured knowing you are feeding your much loved dog, a nutritional science based for animal health, 100% complete, balanced and safe dog food diet..
All dog food recipes meet the nutritional levels, established by the Association Of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.
PRO PAC® Ultimatesdog food range IS “A Fresh Approach To Superpremium Nutrition”.


PRO PAC Ultimates Puppy formula

To select the Pro Pac Ultimate food for your dog, click the logo below.

Earthborn Holistic Grain-Free

Earthborn Holistic is a unique range of foods, specifically designed to mimic a dog's wild, ancestral diet. High in protein and fat, with no artificial ingredients or grains, Earthborn Holistic is regarded by many as the finest food for dogs available today.

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Feed with Confidence: The Safest Foods on the Market

"It has taken me 20 years as veterinary doctor to realize that 90% of health problems in dogs are due to their food" (Dr Michael W. Fox)

In an industry plagued with food recalls, sickness and death-related food contaminations and "dubious" ingredients and ingredient sources, Pro Pac and Earthborn Holistic stand alone amongst the major petfood companies:

You can feed your precious pet with confidence because of the unique care given to every bag:

  • EVERY batch of Pro Pac and Earthborn Holistic is independently laboratory tested no fewer than five times to ensure there are no contaminants present.
  • Only trusted local producers are used to supply the ingredients for the food. Most of these producers have been supplying for many years.
  • All food is made in the company's own facilities - no outsourcing or producing under contract.

The company behind Pro Pac and Earthborn Holistic remains family owned since 1926 and are passionate about their pets and yours.

A unique company with unique products which Petfood Direct is proud to offer exclusively in New Zealand.

Delivered to Your Door - Pay Less And With FREE Delivery

Pro Pac Ultimates and Earthborn Holistic are ONLY available direct from PetFood Direct, the exclusive importers. These foods are not available from pet shops, vets or supermarkets. And because you buy direct from the importers you pay less than normal retail.

PLUS - we offer FREE delivery nationwide for orders over $55 (small charge for rural deliveries).


Ross Hall

"As a breeder for more than 20 years, I am very happy with Pro Pac. All of my puppies are raised on it and the results I am getting prove to me it is one of the best dog foods on the market".
Ross Hall, Jura Kennels, Timaru

"I'm really pleased with this product. I get a lot of enquiries (via my dog training business) on what I feel is best for feeding their dog. I can only tell them what I feed and why."

- Rachel Butler, of TakeThe Lead Dog Training, Auckland

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