When to switch your dog’s food formula



Dog Type Age Food Switch
Small puppy (<10kg at maturity) 12-18 months Puppy to Adult formula
Medium puppy (10-25kg at maturity) 15-20 months Puppy to Adult formula
Large puppy (25-40kg at maturity) 18-24 months Puppy to Adult formula
Giant puppy (>40kg at maturity) 24-30 months Puppy to Adult formula
All breeds 5 years Adult to Senior/Mature formula

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Two problems virtually ALL dog owners face....


There are two problems that we come across all the time. What most dog owners don't realise is that these are problems affecting all dogs, and owners need to be vigilant constantly against them. Recently we came across some information that we think you will find valuable to make sure your dog stays happy and healthy: Problem #1: Obesity This is so widespread that an overweight dog now seems to be regarded as "normal". In fact, from what we see, most owners don't really know what the best weight is for their dog. Here is a great article which discussed the problem (it's about labradors, but applies to all dogs): Tackling the canine obesity crisis Also check this out on our own website: Body Condition Score Assessment of Dogs Nothing is going to shorten your dog's life more than being obese, so managing its weight is very important. Problem #2: Allergies We were recently contacted by a customer who spent more than $3000 on vet bills, trying to find out why their dog was suffering from acute diarrhea. No-one could find the answer. They then changed their dog's food, from a chicken to a lamb formula (Pro Pac Ultimates). The diarrhea stopped virtually immediately.... If you are noticing any health issues with your dog, what you are feeding is almost certainly a major factor. Stick with or change to a quality food (even try a different formula) and see what a difference it makes. Something as simple as this is very often all that it takes. Pro Pac Ultimates and Earthborn Holistic are two ideal foods that help to eliminate both of these common dog problems. We've seen amazing changes in dogs when they have started eating these two natural, holistic foods. If you see other dogs with problems such as the above, mention our food to their owners! And if you need more supplies for your own dog, order through our website here: Buy Now Thank you for your support and let's all work to keeping our dogs happy and healthy.

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How to Prevent Allergies and Other Health Problems in Dogs


The Truth About Sensitivity to Food in Dogs

The most important decision you will make for your dog's health is the food you choose to feed him or her. Most people do not realise the huge impact the choice of food has. It can literally mean the difference between a lifetime of health problems, getting progressively worse as the dog gets older and a pain-free, happy, energetic dog that lives comfortably into old age (without big vet bills).
Just as with humans, if your dog spends a lifetime only eating "junk" foods, it's simply not going to end up in a healthy physical condition. The difference is, a dog can't tell you if it is starting to get pain or other symptoms. That's why it is vital that you, the owner, take your responsibility for your dog's health very seriously.
But with the vast number of food brands and types available, how do you decide? After all, every single producer tells you theirs is "100% complete nutrition", "natural" and "filled with everything a dog needs."
The only answer is for you, the owner, to look beyond the marketing hype and educate yourself on the only thing that matters: the ingredients.
What is in the food and will it help or harm my dog?
Here are some of the facts about dog food that will help you understand how to prevent allergies and other health problems in dogs.
  1. Choose a food with a named meat as the main ingredient. Dogs need a diet that is primarily meat. But do you want to know the difference between a high quality food and a cheap supermarket or bulk brand? The amount of meat. Check the labels out yourself and you will see that for a high-quality brand a named meat is first on the ingredients list, whereas in a cheap food meat is way down the list. Ideally you want a food with meat that is both specified (chicken, lamb, fish, etc) and in "meal" (pre-dehydrated) form. This has the highest meat content.Fact: All Pro Pac Ultimates and Earthborn Holistic formulas use a named meat meal is the main ingredient. This ensures a very high content of high-quality meat.
  2. Avoid "filler" ingredients with low (or no) nutritional value. What good are cereals, grain husks, gluten and other "waste" products for your dog? Virtually no good at all. But check the label of any cheap food and that will be the first (and main) ingredient. You wouldn't eat this stuff (in fact most of these ingredients are classed as "unfit for human consumption") so don't give them to your dog either. It's not doing him any good!Fact: Pro Pac Ultimates and Earthborn Holistic do not contain any "filler" ingredients. All of the ingredients in these foods are of high-quality and chosen specifically for their nutritional value for dogs.
  3. Avoid ingredients with general and vague names. Do you know what "meat products and fats", "meat meal", "meat by-products", "poultry by-product meal", "bone meal" or "animal by-products" are? All parts of all types of animals (including those not good for a dog to eat) that are "unfit for human consumption". Waste products and cheap to produce - so they end up in cheap dog foods. Fact: Pro Pac Ultimates and Earthborn Holistic contain none of these ingredients. There are NO waste animal products, just high quality meats of the kind that are also fit for human consumption.
  4. Avoid the main allergy-causing ingredients: wheat, soy, beef, corn and dairy. If your dog is scratching or biting or has a coat in poor condition, check to see if the food you are using contains any of these. They are the main culprits in food-based allergies in dogs. We have seen almost miraculous changes in dogs taken off these ingredients. And if you think your dog is healthy and is eating any of these anyway, try removing them from their diet. You may be surprised at the difference! Fact: Pro Pac Ultimates and Earthborn Holistic contain none of these ingredients. It's why all of our formulas are easy on digestion and help minimise or eliminate allergies.
You've made a big investment in your dog! You want him or her to enjoy life and provide the both of you with great pleasure for years to come. Don't ruin your investment by "saving money" on food. It's going to cost you more in the long run (in vet bills) and be a lot less enjoyable along the way. Give your dog what he deserves, a happy, pain-free life from a healthy food.
Pro Pac Ultimates and Earthborn Holistic are available exclusively in New Zealand from Petfood Direct. There is a full range of formulas to suit every dog age and type. Order (with free delivery nationwide) from

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What Are You Paying For in Dog Food?


Because of the huge number of dog foods available these days, it can make a decision on what to buy very difficult. Most people make their decision based on three factors:

  1. Price. We tend to assume that the higher the price the better the quality. But is this always true? Very often it isn’t, for reasons below.
  2. Description on the label. Does the label suggest this is a food that is healthy and tasty for my dog? The problem here is: all labels do! The ALL say their food is “complete nutrition” with “healthy ingredients”.
  3. Recommendation from a vet, friend or another dog owner. However, does the person you are talking to know much about dog food? Unfortunately, even most vets and pet professionals are very uneducated when it comes to food and nutrition. They generally only know what they have been told by the companies whose foods they sell.

So what do you do to make the right decision for your dog’s best health and well-being?

It starts by realizing that at the end of the day you are paying for only two things when you buy a bag of dog food: ingredients and marketing.

Ask yourself: “Which would I rather pay more for, the ingredients in the food or the marketing (promotion and advertising)?”

Obviously it’s the ingredients that are going to make the difference. You want the best quality of food for your budget.

Here is a checklist of questions to ask when considering a brand of food:

  • Does this food contain mainly meat or cereals/grains (meat should be the first named ingredient on the label).
  • Is the meat a “named” or “generic” meat? The best “named” meats are chicken, lamb and fish. The worst “generic” ones are “meat” and "by-products”, both of which can mean literally anything (and none of it good). Also avoid beef, which is not generally good for dogs.
  • Are the other ingredients ones that will help my dog or are they cheap and even harmful “fillers” of no nutritional value? (fillers include wheat, cereals, glutens, animal fat).
  • Does the food contain quality natural supplements such as amino acids, Omegas 3 and 6 from natural sources and vitamins and minerals?
  • How widely marketed is this brand? Are there tv ads, signs on vet clinics and shops, newspaper and magazine advertising, etc? This all has to be built into the cost of the product.

With Pro Pac Ultimates and Earthborn Holistic a higher proportion of the cost is for the ingredients (rather than marketing) than virtually every other brand you will find. These are not the cheapest brands on the market, but for the quality of ingredients to price they represent fantastic value.

Apply the above checklist to Pro Pac Ultimates or Earthborn Holistic and to any other brand and you will see Pro Pac and Earthborn are both winners.

For more information and to purchase Pro Pac Ultimates or Earthborn Holistic for your dog contact the sole distributor in New Zealand, Petfood Direct at

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Grains or Grain Free - Which is the Best Dog Food?


We are often asked the question: "Which is better - dog food with or without grains?" As you will know, Pro Pac Ultimates has a range of formulas for both, and both are high quality foods that tens of thousands of dogs worldwide eat daily and thrive on. So the answer to the question, "Grains or no grains?" is really "It depends." Many people would assume that grain free is more natural, but this is not necessarily the case. It also does not necessarily mean your dog will do better than a grain-inclusive food. Here are some important things to remember when you consider which food to feed your dog, especially if it contains grains.

  1. Look at the complete ingredient list. A quality food must have a quality meat as the first ingredient. This means chicken, lamb or fish (not beef). Preferably it should be as "meal", which is the concentrated form of meat. Meat should be the basis of any dog's diet so don't choose any food that does not list meat as the first ingredient on the label. All Pro Pac Ultimates formulas have chicken, lamb or fish meal as the first and main ingredient.
  2. Beware of "red flag" ingredients. These are the ingredients that may cause allergies and other health problems in dogs. They are not suitable to feed your dog, but unfortunately are in many foods. They are often used to create a lower cost food, so price can be a good indicator of the quality of the final product. "Red flag" ingredients to avoid include beef, soy, wheat and gluten, sorghum, anything labelled a "by-product", dairy products and artificial preservatives, flavorings and colourings. No Pro Pac Ultimates formula contains any of these "red flag" ingredients.
  3. Choose soft, whole grains. The best grain in dog food is rice. This is easy on digestion, helps to regulate blood sugars and has other health benefits. A food with rice is perfectly fine just avoid wheat and other grains.

All Pro Pac Ultimates formulas that are not grain free contain rice as the only grain. If you follow the above guidelines, then whether you use a formula with or without grains is largely a matter of personal choice. You may find your dog does better on one type or another. All Pro Pac Ultimates formulas have been created to combine the finest ingredients to create the best health possible for your dog. All natural, holistic foods - whichever you choose, your dog will do well! To purchase Pro Pac Ultimates for your dog, visit As the sole importer and distributor of Pro Pac Ultimates in New Zealand, we bring you these exceptional foods at a price lower than you might expect.

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