Pro Pac and Earthborn Holistic are two ranges of superpremium dried dog food sold through the specialty petfood trade (including vets) in more than 75 countries worldwide. It is manufactured in the US by Midwestern Petfoods, Indiana. Through meticulous product research and offering the finest possible foods at prices well below other brands, it has developed into one of the world's most respected names.

Here in New Zealand Pro Pac and Earthborn are sold exclusively by the sole importer, Petfood Direct. They are not available in pet shops, vets or supermarkets. In addition to dog and cat owners, many breeders throughout the country use and recommend these foods.

All the ingredients are sourced from the US (with the exception of lamb sourced from Australia and New Zealand).

Join the millions of dog owners worldwide (and thousands of vets and pet professionals) who are delighted with Pro Pac and Earthborn Holistic!

Which food is better - Pro Pac or Earthborn Holistic?

Although arguably Earthborn Holistic has a higher rating for quality (which is reflected in the higher price), each dog or cat is different and may do better on either food. All we can say is that we have customers who swear by each of them! Select the food which suits your budget and which you would be happy with - both will offer your pet the best natural nutrition.

What is the difference between the new Pro Pac Ultimates and the original Pro Pac?

Then entire Pro Pac range has been completely revised and  replaced by Pro Pac Ultimates. It is the result of extensive research over a number of years to create with a food which more closely resembles the natural diet of dogs and cats.
Pro Pac Ultimates contains a wider variety of natural foods, including fruits and vegetables. It also contains rice instead of corn as a more suitable and easily digested carbohydrate source. Rest assured, if your pet enjoyed Pro Pac they will absolutely love the new Pro Pac Ultimates.

Is Grain Free better?

Earthborn Holistic and some Pro Pac Ultimates formulas contain no grains whatsover and are therefore closer to the wild diet of dogs and cats. However, rice (which is used in most of the Pro Pac Ultimates range) is a healthy and beneficial ingredient in the form it is used in these foods. As the ultimate grain for energy, it is gentle on digestion and an excellent complement to the other ingredients in these foods.

Ultimately, there are two schools of thought when it comes to grains in petfood. As long as the food is meat based, the grain is of high quality (preferably rice) and the other ingredients in the food are of a high standard, grain will be not be an issue. This is why it is used in Pro Pac Ultimates.

Why are your prices so much lower than other brands?

Often a lower price is associated with lower quality but this is definitely not the case with PRO PAC or Earthborn Holistic. In fact the opposite is true! Virtually all of the other major brands are owned by large multi-national companies with large marketing budgets which are reflected in their higher prices. Being a smaller, private company, Midwestern Petfoods has much lower marketing costs and has chosen to focus instead on higher quality ingredients and lower retail prices.

Also, PRO PAC and Earthborn Holistic are imported and sold exclusively in New Zealand by Petfood Direct, direct to you the customer. By buying direct from the importer and "cutting out the middleman" you effectively are buying at wholesale prices.

What is 'superpremium' petfood?

The brands sold only by your vet or pet store are referred to as superpremium as the classification is based on ingredients, digestibility and the energy levels that a food provides. There is no international standard, however, or any regulations governing the use of the term, so purchasers are not guaranteed of any particular quality, and standards vary widely. PRO PAC is regarded as amongst the finest 'superpremiums' on the market.

What is 'chicken meal' and is it better than 'real' chicken?

Before processing, chicken in its 'real' state contains about 60% water, Chicken meal, however, is dehydrated chicken meat, or muscle tissue, which only contains about 8-10% water. On ingredient lists, pet food manufacturers are required to list the heaviest ingredient first and the lightest ingredient last. This is done before the ingredients have been cooked or processed. Once the pet food has been processed and heated, however, much of the water (which is heavy) is removed and chicken is no longer the heaviest or even the first ingredient that the pet eats.

Consequently, if an analysis of the finished product were conducted you would often find that chicken is not the first ingredient, despite what is printed on the bag. PRO PAC and Earthborn Holistic formulas contain chicken meal made from 100% human-grade chicken flesh (no by-products). Because chicken meal is already dehydrated, the meat remains the first ingredient in PRO PAC, even after the food has been processed.

The same is true of the fish and lamb meals used in Pro Pac and Earthborn Holistic - 100% human-grade meat of the type named.

My pet is fussy. How do I know he/she will like the food?

Whilst every pet is different, Pro Pac and Earthborn Holistic are enjoyed as the foods of choice by millions of cats and dogs worldwide. Athough we cannot guarantee every single animal will love it, we have many, many testimonials from pet owners thrilled to tell us that their hitherto 'fussy' pet thrives on their food and are healthier and happier than ever before.

I normally buy what's on special at the supermarket, because the brands sold by the vets and pet shops are a lot more expensive. What do you say to that?

The opposite is actually true! - you will spend less feeding your dog PRO PAC than supermarket products. This is because the high digestibility and complete lack of 'fillers' means you need to feed your pet a lot less food (you will notice it's poo will be a lot less too). Many PRO PAC formulas cost only slightly more than some supermarket brands so your feeding costs may be reduced by half! You will of course also notice the condition and mood of your pet improve dramatically feeding them PRO PAC Ultimates or Earthborn Holistic.

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